Since you have actually chosen to get your Connecticut Gun Authorization, the primary step is to take the NRA Basic Gun Capturing Program. This is our most preferred course. The NRA Basic Handgun Capturing Training course is the called for training course to get your CT Gun Authorization. Pick up from a NRA Licensed Trainer, with over Twenty Years of weapons experience, the appropriate understanding, abilities and also perspective required to possess as well as run a gun securely. At Armed in CT, LLC we worry weapon safety and security while offering you an intriguing as well as enjoyable course. Numerous Gun License courses just enable you to fire 10-15 rounds. At Armed in CT, LLC you will certainly contend the very least 50 rounds from various weapon activities and also designs.

With focus on safety you will learn valuable information on:

  • Safe handling of a firearm
  • Parts of a pistol and revolver
  • 5 fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • Proper storage of firearm and ammo

Learning firearm safety is the first step to gun ownership. Practice is the key element in anything as it is in
firearms. Taking this class DOES NOT guarantee you will receive a pistol permit. You must meet the requiments of the state in order to receive a Connecticut pistol permit. For infomation on pistol permit eligibility click here FAQ

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